Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spellbound on Southbank

Last weekend, critique partner Lisa and I attended the annual Romance Writers of Australia Conference, which was hosted here in Melbourne in Southbank.

I haven't written about it sooner because the minute I arrived home on Sunday night, I hit the ground running at the computer, not due to a burning desire to write romance fiction, but to finish off the powerpoint presentation I was due to give at work the next day. Since then, I've worked a long and demanding week, with no time to draw breath until this weekend, when I finally had a chance to put my feet up and relax and catch up with friends.

As usual, the conference was absolutely filled with wonderful things, some expected, and others surprising. To write about it all and do it justice would fill the length of a category romance novel, so I thought I'd summarise the highlights in point form:

  • One Enchanted Century cocktail party on Friday night - excellent finger food and lovely bubbly... met some new friends from Brisbane. Three fun ladies with whom we shared some lively conversation and a few laughs throughout the weekend. Hope to see more of them - in person and in print - in the future.

  • Words of wisdom from Barbara Samuel, Margie Lawson, Anna Campbell, Anne Gracie and Jenny Hutton, amongst many others.

  • Informal conversations with a few HM&B authors... very encouraging, down-to-earth people. Inspirational.

  • Lisa's fantastic 'High Five' win!!!! She looked every inch the glamorous romance author as she collected her award - see her blog for the pictures.

  • Tips on how to read the rejection letter! I have quite a collection of these, so this workshop was very pertinent - more about this in my next post!!!

  • Fabulous frocks on some fabulous women.

  • Excellent accomodation and yummy breakfasts at the Travelodge.

  • Endless cups of tea in our room, processing each day's events.

  • Preparing for 'The Pitch' with Jenny Hutton - write, re-write, un-write....

  • Attending 'The Pitch'. A bit nerve-wracking, but generally a very positive experience.

  • Met an incredibly humble, inspiring, aspiring author who works as a pilot, whose manuscript finalled in the Golden Heart this year.

  • Met many other aspiring authors... the future of romance writing.

All in all, a wonderful experience. Thank you RWA for providing such an inspiring conference for published as well as unpublished writers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where The Hell Is Scribbly?

For those of you... was it 3 women and their dogs, or slightly more women and perhaps a cat or two??? who read this little blog, I thought I'd put it a little post just to show you all I'm still kicking.

As it tends to do, life got in the way of my posting, and of writing. There has been much happening in my life, and most of it to do with work and other people. Not much room left for me. This weekend is the Romance Writers Conference, and much as I'm looking forward to it, I'm afraid I'm going to just make it over the threshold before falling in a heap. I've put myself down to pitch, but feel a tad unprepared as I've been too busy to go over the finished manuscript.

And to top it all off, I've had a nasty sore throat the last couple of days and today my voice started fading (as it often does). I'm guessing that by the time the conference begins, I'll be voiceless. Which means I'll probably have to ditch the pitch.

So the video below is a tribute to carefree joy, to travel, to fun and laughter and having the time, space and mother-lovin' inclination to let your hair down. It's a treat of self indulgence that makes me want to pack a swag and run away! If the success of 'Where The Hell Is Matt?' is any indication, I'm not Robinson Crusoe out there.