Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Writing? What was that again?

I am completely exhausted. The last few weeks have been full of activity, which have left me with little time to write. I tell myself I'll get into it in a few weeks, when I get past the mountain of work that's built up. I will get past it soon. A few weeks should do it, and I can already see the proverbial light...

While I've been doing that work, a lot of other 'stuff' has happened. Should I mention it? The list would be really long, and maybe it would be fun to even try.

Okay, I'll have a little go:
  • Install word 2007 on computer - Hate it, but have to do it to be compatible with the rest of the world
  • Ask for another year's leave from 'real job' - granted.
  • Do tax return - two years' worth!!!
  • Celebrate 13 year old daughter's birthday - big bash.
  • Celebrate father's 83rd birthday - very quiet, but very special.
  • Let hair 'grey' - the jury's still out.
  • Buy some groovy clothes for summer - Yay!!
  • Buy some fantastic shoes for summer - alas, only one pair.
  • Make Halloween costume for 13 year old - black fairy.
  • Listen to 90 presentations at work - each goes for about 20 minutes
  • Grade said presentations.
  • Write for money - non-fiction, instructional, and very, very boring.
  • Catch up with doctor, dentist, vet visits long overdue.
I could go on, but I won't. You get the picture. Soon, very soon, the writing part of my life will get a run again.

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