Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rainy Holiday

It's raining. Funny how strange it seems in these times of no rain. I remember years ago how it used to rain for a whole week. My children can't imagine how that would be. No wonder the reservoirs were full.

But though the rain is a blessing, it is still rain, and one of the intrinsic features of rain is its arbitrary nature. Years of drought have affected my washing routine so that I'm now thoroughly spoiled. Yes, the showers are shorter, but at least you can hang washing any time and be virtually guaranteed that it will dry. Even the ineffectual 'showers' we get now don't have any impact on drying time. So I have a couple of loads of washing to do and now I'm wondering if I should just do them and do the clothes-horse thing around the house till the rain stops.

And another thing. Our building project is about to get off the ground, and husband began it with some minor demolition the other day. He started with taking the roof off the large shed. There were still some things left in there, but we figured we'd move them when it suited. Now it's been raining for two days, everything is thoroughly soaked. All the stuff we were going to do something with because it was too good to throw out - like the wad of large sketch paper that the kids would use for their artwork - well, the decision's now made for us. It's all for the bin.

The rain has also meant that we've been cooped up in the house. There have been play-overs, lots of DVD's, games that make the house unrecognisable. Right now, right outside the door to this room, there is some wild, giggling, yelling, thumping, jumping game going on involving two of mine and a play-over friend. I know that in a matter of minutes the benevolent noise will turn to a screaming argument, but until then, I can't rightly go out there and tell them to SHUT UP! Not yet, anyway.

And the writing... The writing has kind of gone on through all this. Chapter 7 is in rehab and yesterday I lost a whole chunk of revisions through 'Word' just deciding to disappear off the screen. One step forward and two steps back.
Better go now... I hear World War 3 starting.


Lisa66 said...

I hear you! I have a huge load on the clothes airer right now and some in the dryer (which has hardly been used!)

I was thinking about your kids today. My kids have taken to playing in the bush paddock two doors down (made sure they brought proper footwear this time) and they have had huge fun creating *Foresttopia*. I've hardly seen them, although they were driven inside by the rain for a couple of hours today. I was thinking how much your younger princesses would have enjoyed the game!

Tracey said...

Yes, isn't it strange how our children's experiences of rain are so different from our own. I keep thinking about this too, thinking that they aren't used to a "normal pattern". But what's normal now? I think they are used to a normal pattern, and we're all, as you say, adjusting to it, becoming spoiled about it in some ways and rueing it in others. Nothing like bucketing water into a swimming pool, let me tell you!

Scribbly said...

Yes, Tracey. The current drought has brought many such pleasures to our lives. My personal favourite has to be standing in the shower with legs apart (and bucket underneath) catching as much water as possible, then carrying the buckets all through the house and out into the garden.

I won't go into the details, but there have been quite a few incidents of spillage with choice %$&**@@@!!! words uttered.