Monday, April 14, 2008

***!!!*** Newsflash ***!!!***

A few days ago, I found out that I'm out of the running for the Emerald award run by the RWA. I'm still waiting to receive the feedback, which I hope will be useful. I'm feeling quite okay about it. It was fantastic to be in the top 15 from so many entries. And for an aspiring writer, this kind of rejection should be viewed as both expected and essential on the road to being published. Aren't I just so wonderfully magnanimous? Time to go off now, and have (another) glass of red.


Tracey said...

Terribly magnanimous. Reminds me of one of my favourite movies: The right stuff, which I watched again the other day. In it, the Russians have just beaten the Americans yet again in the space race and John Glenn (the astronaut) says something like, "I think we just have to be forthright and magnanimous and say those Russians just beat the pants off us." Cut to the next scene where he's saying, "I'm tired of being forthright and magnanimous..." (I'm sure there was a third adjective in both of those, but I can't remember what it was.) Anyway, the moral is that you are allowed to think that it sucks. It does. But it's also great that you got as far as you did! Well done. You'll get there because you've already shown your gritty determination and perseverance, and that's what it takes...

Scribbly said...

What a sweet thing to say, Tracey. Thank you.

I'd hazard a guess at that third adjective... But truly, the blessing with all this writing failure/rejection is that generally, the process is sooo drawn out that by the time you get the bad news it's almost hard to remember what you entered.

I guess a busy family life takes care of the anxiety, which is good for licking your wounds in a hurry and moving on to the next comp/submission/whatever.

Still, it would be good to do better in the next one.