Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Scribbly Didn't Do

Scribbly started out this year with such promise, and then completely dashed all her hopes of being able to sustain a steady blogging stream.

It seemed so easy when there were holidays and loads of free time to commit to frequent posts that would continue throughout the year.

Here we are, in November, and the posts have not even been far and few in between. They have been non-existent.

A quick update on other activities might explain why Scribbly has been absent from this page:
  • Building project at home has been all but completed (only concrete paths and water tanks left to be poured/installed).

  • Work has been busy, but very, very rewarding this year, with much wonderful outcomes achieved. This is not in a writing field, but challenging and important nonetheless.

  • As always, life gets in the way. Children, husband, home and marvellous friends must be fitted in. It's imperative! I know this is not an excuse for not keeping up the blog, but it's a valid choice I make.

  • Any spare time is taken up with writing, which this year has taken a slightly different direction. More info to follow in future posts...!

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