Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Drum roll...

A couple of months ago, I entered the first five pages of my novel (the one I subsequently sent off to Harlequin in London) in a RWA competition, "High Five".

Today, I received notification that I'm a finalist! I am absolutely chuffed to have made it this far. What a thrill. I'd like to wish all other finalists (one of them my great friend AbFab) luck. The entries will now be judged by a Harlequin editor, which is such a wonderful opportunity. I look forward to getting some helpful feedback.


ellen said...

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to you as well! Good luck and fingers crossed :-)

Scribbly said...

I have everything crossed, even my eyes. LOL. But seriously, reaching the final seven is a pretty satisfying achievement in itself.

Thanks for your good wishes.