Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Verdict

For a while, I was hanging in there bravely. The grey hair was out for everyone to see. Sometimes I didn't mind it at all. Rather liked it, in fact. But there were other times when I looked at myself and thought I looked ten years older. Which, a day after celebrating my 44th, is not a good thing.

Yesterday, I took out the tube of 'Cherry Bomb' hair colour I'd bought in the event of a 'grey crisis'. I squeezed out a generous amount and started to brush it on. It looked fabulous. The red was deep and rich, covering the whites to perfection and blending in beautifully with my black hair. I left the colour on for the required 30 minutes and even put on a plastic shower cap to maximise the effect (a tragic look).

But when I washed it off, disaster. Almost all the red washed away, leaving my greys a weak shade of pink. I looked like Dame Edna with a buzz cut.

Off to Hairhouse Warehouse. They have all the answers. In the end, I opted to return to permanent colour. A shade of brown that will colour my greys and blend in with the black hair to give a 'textured' effect. I went home, put it in, and am much happier with the result. All I can say is, I gave it my best shot, but maybe I'll wait till I'm 60 to go grey again. By then I might be almost all white and it could be a great look.


Lisa66 said...

Oh dear! I wish I'd seen the Dame Edna look!

Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe you are 44 - you certainly don't look it.

I'm off for my colour next week. I'm not as brave as you - I think I'll keep at it until I'm 70 - LOL!

Scribbly said...

I think I'm 44!?! After I turned 40 I stopped counting, and now I often have to work it out using my birth year.

Tracey said...

lol. I have to go by my birth year too. Isn't that silly? I used to think people were nuts when they said they didn't know how old they were. It was somewhat disconcerting to realise, one day, that I had joined their number.

I still haven't forgotten about the article. I took it to work but didn't get near a photocopier. In the meantime, it's disappeared into the mountain of paper, but I'll be starting the big paper clean-up that follows the end of semester. After all, people do like to eat at the kitchen table from time to time. And once I start tidying, it will show up, and I *will* get it off to you. Sorry I've been so slack!

Scribbly said...

Thanks. I'd really like to read it, even though I caved.
It still strikes me as tragically unfair that when men go grey it's considered appealing, sexy even. The grey look can be fantastic on women, too. I've seen many fabulous examples. I just don't think I'm there yet.
I really, really hate the whole fuss connected with colouring. I never went near a tube of dye before I started greying. So for now, I guess I'll just keep having a go and one day it'll feel right.

Lisa66 said...

Just have to tell you that your sidebar is looking fab! Had a Squizz at your hero inspirations - keith Urban just doesn't do it for me - too girly! BUT that photo of Joaquin Phoenix - OMG!! He is soooo hot! Might even steal him for my next one!

ellen said...

Ah well, save up the experience for a novel. Cherish the gut-wrenching anguish so you can recall it later. Life is all research.
I have some grey hair too, but it's not as noticeable when you're "blond".