Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 rolls to a very lazy start

I'm back from a blissfully relaxing holiday, ready to face the year. Amazing how much a couple of weeks of lazing about sets me up for the usual hustle and bustle of returning to work, kids back at school... and the rest. Leaving the beach two days ago was almost physically painful. The weather was pristine and the beach looked divine as we drove away, back towards the city. The shallow water on 'our beach' was so baby blue, receding to a strong turquoise, then deep blue, that this heavenly spot only an hour out of the city looked so exotic it could have been Thailand.

While away, AbFab broke the happy news that we're once again finalists in a competition. This time, the RWA Emerald. I was just walking on to the beach for the day, when her phone call came. She said, 'Are you ready for some good news?' I kind of froze, and just said,' Yes,' when what I was really thinking, was, 'I'm always ready for good news.'

This comp required the entrants to submit the first three chapters of a completed novel. Now through to the second stage, I'll have to submit the entire novel (4 copies of it) for further judging. Good luck to us, AbFab!!!


Lisa66 said...

I have a very good feeling about your entry. When I read the ms Ihought it was a winner. Good luck with the comp, but more importantly with getting this one in print!

Scribbly said...

Well, as I said yesterday on the phone, I'm going to enjoy the moment (getting to this stage of the comp) while I can. We've put in the hard work, so fingers crossed for that luck we know is out there. You never know what might happen. And exactly the same goes for your entry. We'd be silly not to make the most of this ride. Right now it's pretty good. Let's hope the fun continues.

Tracey said...

Fantastic news! Hope this ride does continue for you both, and takes you right up there. I've said on Lisa's blog already that I have my fingers and toes crossed for you both!

Scribbly said...

Thanks for your good wishes. Cross everything!!!! These small steps forward are the crumbs that keep us from starving to death along the writing journey.