Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year's Resolutions...

I have been extremely lazy since Christmas. A huge family lunch completely exhausted me. The day itself was great, but I think it was the lead up that did me in. And since then I've been laying low at home... and doing very little writing. What I have done quite a bit of, though, is thinking about my characters. More on that later.

New Year's Eve was spent with a few friends at a gorgeous spot on the bay. We had a fantastic view of the Melbourne skyline, which included spectacular fireworks displays at 9.30 and midnight. The air stayed warm until after midnight, so we were able to stay on the balcony all night. We nibbled, sipped and talked out way into 2008, and as far as resolutions, didn't make any on the night.

But since then, I've had a chance to think, and I do enjoy making them. I treat them as a plan for the year. I don't always succeed in achieving everything, but here goes. These are the things I'd like 2008 to be about:

  • Less stress

  • More time to contemplate and drink in the 'small' moments in life

  • More time to write

  • Writing success, or at least some steps forward

  • Finally getting the added space we need at home!!!

  • Family time

  • Time with friends

  • Balancing the hard work with a healthy blend of socialising and holidays

There could be more. If I think of them, I'll edit this post and add them in.


Tracey said...

I tend not to put "writing success" on a goal or resolution list (and I know you're list isn't really either of these -- so this isn't a criticism, just something to think about) because they're beyond my control. I'll put the things on that I do have control over, like crafting my work, researching publishers and sending it out. Having said that, though, I hope your year this year is about *all* of those things that you've said.

Good luck!

Scribbly said...

In an interview I saw recently, John Travolta was asked if, as a rising star, he'd been amazed by the magnitude of his success. He answered that he hadn't been at all surprised, since in his parents always encouraged their children to 'dream big'.

I don't think 'writing success' is beyond my control. I think it's completely within my control. Now, if I could only be a much better writer, I would achieve that success a lot sooner. Hard work is part of it, sure, along with all the things you've mentioned. But at the heart of it, is believing you can do it. I have a little trouble with that, sometimes, so putting it on a list helps me to make it real.