Thursday, July 10, 2008

...and off again!

Was my last post about being back in the saddle? Well, that didn't last long. A few days ago I received another rejection, this one for the 'Sweet' HM&B partial I'd sent off in March 07.

Oh, well... *&%$#$##@%!!@#*&#&**!!!!!

So where to from here? Part of me thinks I'm not good enough to do this, that I should just quit. Then I remember the inspirational talk from Debbie Macomber at the RWA Conference 2006, where she made us laugh with her stories about the numerous times she was hit in the back of the head with a rejection letter while still on her way back from posting off the manuscript.

I'm trying not to take this to heart too much, and strangely enough, rather than making me want to stop writing, it makes me want to write more. Perhaps it's so I can get another novel ready to post off so I have something 'out there', where at the moment, I have nothing.

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Tracey said...

Yes, there's something about a novel rejection -- it's such a big project, such a kick in the guts. But you must never think that a rejection means you're not good enough. It doesn't. Just means that you targeted the wrong publisher with that particular ms. I mean JK Rowling chalked up a few rejections for HP. Imagine if she'd put it aside and thought she wasn't good enough! Stephen Donaldson did the same with the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant -- he went through every publisher in the English speaking world (so the story goes), and then figured the process had take so long that some of the editors must've changed, so started back at the top of the list, got a yes, and his book went on to become a bestseller. A rejection just means you're a real writer! You keep those fingers flying!